Reming XED lamp
How it works:

The XED (Xenon Energy-saving Discharge) lamp maintains xenon gas under high pressure to achieve an ionized plasma state. It is powered by "Secondary frequency conversion control", a patented technology that emits a powerful full-spectrum light and uses less energy than earlier Xenon light technology. In China, the Reming XED light is advertised as the "little sun". The product has been selected for promotion by the national development and Reform Commission as a "key energy-saving technology".

E40 XED transparent bulb
Color can be customized, mainly for road lighting, square class. High pressure pack built-in, addresses issues found with earlier high voltage lamp technology. Low light decay, high color index, high effective life, high luminous efficiency. Full spectrum lighting. Light color close to the sun. Well suited for public lighting.
B series XED electronic ballast
Small integrated design. The trigger is built-in, easy to install. The first non impact boot, intelligent power control, widely used in factories, stations, warehouses, tunnels and stadiums. Two frequency conversion control technology, four hours after the intelligent control, energy saving more energy 30%, this technology is widely applied to XED road lighting facilities.
  • Road lighting
  • Factory lighting
  • Stadium lighting
  • Commercial
  • Office lighting
  • North Gate Street Central School family area, retrofit
  • Wangkui Province, Heilongjiang Province, street lamps
  • Huzhou City, Deqing County Province, Zhejiang Province, street lamps
  • Shanxi coal machine Forging Co., Ltd. Installation.
  • Jiasimeng Lighting Industrial Company, installation
  • Jiashan experimental primary school stadium lighting.
  • Stadium lighting.
  • Taizhou Qingnian Road Jiangsu Wanda Plaza Shanghai food store
  • Jiangqiao Shanghai Wanda Plaza Shanghai food store
  • Jiangqiao Shanghai Wanda Plaza Shanghai food store
  • Office lighting.